Innovation Calls

Get solutions to your key challenges in collaboration with the global innovation community.
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Over the years we have worked on a multitude of projects.

Calls managed
€ Invested in resultant projects
Invite the different actors in your ecosystem and assign them different roles and permissions to create a flow adapted to your innovation process.
Create and manage all calls and users.
Manage their own calls for proposals.
Access specific calls for proposals to evaluate projects.
Help to evaluate specific projects.
Customize your white label platform according to your own corporate brand: logo, colors and even modify the texts with your own terminology.
Turn it into your own platform using your logos and images.
Adapt it to the look & feel of your corporate brand.
Use your own terminology.
Create your calls and configure for each of them:
Application form
Create your own questions and choose from the different types available: textarea, radiobutton, checkbox, document, etc.
Dashboards and filters
Select which questions from the form you want to use as filters or view in the dashboard.
Evaluation criteria
Create your numerical evaluation criteria and obtain the averages of the evaluations made.
Fast-track codes
Generate a private access code to provide to potential candidates.
Access the specific dashboard of your call to see its status and progress and analyze the proportion of answers obtained in the different questions of the form.
Manage a call
Assign, notify and manage the evaluators, see the summary of the evaluations carried out or download all the information.
Filter and Evaluate
Filter the projects, access their details and evaluate. Download all the information or contact them via email.
Manage and customize all the automatic notifications. Create your own templates, campaigns and send emails from the platform itself.
Through multimedia, create your document repository and obtain a public url for them.
Basic package of calls for innovation with the more adjusted price.
White label platform
Access to the configuration of all the functionalities of the platform
Continuous improvement and new annual functionalities
Innovation Service
Fully adapted
We will be your external innovation department. Free initial assessment.
Free initial assessment
Adapted strategic innovation plan
Annual initiatives
Meetings and follow-up reports
All features defined in the Corporate package included
Personalized platform for innovation management and calls.
White label platform
Access to the configuration of all the functionalities of the platform
Continuous improvement, request for improvements for analysis and new annual functionalities
Initial public view design according to your own requirements.