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Battle innovation uncertainty

Innovate, building a new startup, developing a digital platform, creating a venture in or from a BigCorp, or develop and implement a new productivity tool within an international organization are innovation and entrepreneurial journeys that face innovation uncertainty and similar challenges:

What is the killer feature of my venture? What is the reason why for adoption of my venture?
How can I make sure my design captures all data I need to continuously improve design and results?
How can I best make my venture profitably grow? What specific channels and tactics are real boosters to our growth?
How do I make sure my venture is a success? What is my definition of success?
How do I make sure I get valuable external insight to improve my venture?
How can I optimize development in quality, user experience, information management, cost and speed?
How can I integrate learnings
from relevant experiences
How can I validate my economic assumptions the earliest possible?
Do I have the best expert onevery key challenge of the venture design, build, use, evolve and grow?

Global Incubator Consulting at a glance

We leverage years of building ventures to build with our clients.

  • We leverage our unique team and experience and proprietary tools.
  • We have a fanatical results driven approach, with highest quality standards and shortest development timings due to our unique methodology.
  • We are down to earth out of the box thinkers and doers.

What do we do?

We boost results at every stage of your Venture development

Full venture development
Idealab & Observatory
Impact driven innovation
Customized platform & tool buid
Growth boost
Marketplace Development
Startup Advisory Board & Coaching

Key verticals and client examples


We are an experienced results oriented team with own ventures & key understanding of results pressure

What we do: a modular approach

100+ ventures developed, from strategy to design, to validation, build and growth


Impact driven Innovation

Align innovation with results.

IdeaLab & Observatory.

  • Client insight
  • Expert insight
  • Scouting and benchmarking.

Our expertise, expert network, unique methodologies and proprietary research tools enable us to enrich your idea from the beginning, optimizing design and prototype build both in speed and features.

Our focus is always in developing killer features and competitive advantages, best usability and fanatical results orientation.

Proposition validation

(Pretotypes, prototypes, MVPs, "final" products)

  • Expert review
  • Channel economics
  • User/client feedback

We validate key features for different segments before engaging in costly development.

Product features, killer claims and channel economics per segment are validated to enable an optimal and efficient platform development.

Customized platform build

  • Proprietary components from own ventures enable speed and efficiency
  • Deep understanding of best practices applicability
  • Results driven focus

We leverage our senior and core teams according to each one relevant expertise.

Distributed teams and meta-crowd, managed through our proprietary methodologies, productivity tools and platforms add up to best quality, speed and efficiency, proven in the most demanding sectors and environments.

Focus on client & user growth & internal engagement

100+ proven growth tactics.

Identify and develop Value Added Services to enhance economics.

Growth for client facing platforms and user engagement for internal platforms are a key component of a product or platform and should never be detached from development.

We apply our 100+ proven B2C, B2B, B2B2C and B2E for certain success.


Diego Soroa
  • Founder of four startups.
  • Entrepreneur of the year in 2006.
  • Global Impact Competition award winner (Singularity University).
  • Founding member Exponential Organizations.
  •   Head Coach performing +75 Sprints with F500 like organizations.
  • Advisor to +100 startups.
Pablo de Manuel Triantafilo
  • +20M usd budget in technological projects for Multinationals successfully executed.
  • Advisor in technology, impact and strategy in 100+ projects for bigcorps governments and NGOs during the last 15 years.
Dieter Staib
  • 25+ years experience in management consulting as a Partner and Head of Digital at Oliver Wyman Spain specialized in financial services, digital, sales and distribution and customer experience.
  • 100+ Projects developed in 10 countries.
  • Advisor and investor in 20 startups.
Jose Sanz
  • More than 15 years leading the technological part of a solid business creation team. 
  • His strong point is adding value by aligning technology with business needs.
Luis González-Blanch
  • Founder of +10 technology startups.
  • 3 years of experience in Investment Banking in London at the beginning of his career. 
  • Advisor in Google Campus for entrepreneurs programme and Professor of entrepreneurship at ICADE.

+ Core team with unlimited scalability

Portfolio Core Team: 60+ Super-Star business consultants, engineers, developers, full stack designer and marketers

Meta-Crowd: 30 Million Specialists, just a few clicks away, managed through our proprietary platform.

We attract the best because we have meaningful ventures.
We review tons of profiles per month to select only the very best consultants, engineers, designers, growth hackers, etc.
Quality, learning & improvement speed analytics at the core of the continuous improvement.
We make them part of the equity to achieve full-alignment. You will be dealing with partners... that execute :)

Example projects

Ecosystems of Startups & Venture Capital

In 2011, we helped Telefonica to launch Wayra and Open Future, that become the biggest corporate accelerator in the world. Our work involved digitizing innovation processes, startup analysis, attraction and deal-flow generation.

In 2012, we supported to launch becoming the largest community of social entrepreneurs in Latam in 6 months.

In 2020, we partnered Venture Capitals in Europe to digitalize the VC, PE & corporate venture capital operations.

More than 3,7M innovators reached +1M Startups analyzed and +500 innovation ecosystems launched.

Open source toolkit for pandemics

At the very beginning of pandemic lockdowns, we partnered with Santander, BBVA and the Government of Mexico to develop in record time a covid-app that could help governments and organizations to better manage the situation by making informed decisions and help citizens stay calm and healthy. Some features:

  • Self diagnosis test
  • Real time personalized push notifications
  • Official test results
  • Geotracking to recommend nearest health center
  • Passports/ passes with QR verification
  • Contact tracing
Functional model in < 4 weeks. Implemented in <1 week. Adopted by 3 governments. More than 15 Mn auto diagnosis tests

APIfied Developers & Secure Data Hubs

We developed our own highly secure cloud, compliant with European regulation for national security, healthcare and banking data. 

In 2015 a European Directive required banks to open their APIs to 3rd parties. We supported Banco Santander taking advance of the opportunity to leverage the ecosystem of developers, financial Data & partnering with startups.

We had worked closely with a team of scientists to develop ecosystems to gather and treat medical data. Resulting in several commercial apps, patents and profitable partnerships. Ex.

2.700 APIfied Systems. Tens of thousands of endpoints. +5B Healthcare & Quantified Self Datapoints    

Collaboration platform for distributed teams

International banking group had the challenge of creating a platform to facilitate communication, store and share  resources  between teams from 10 different countries:

  • AGENDA: events are integrated in the personal Outlook calendars.
  • Area HOUSE: gives access to a proposal to bring people together and enjoy topics of conversation.
  • LIGHTHOUSE: browse and be inspired by best practices, read the latest newsletters and access all kinds of content.
  • DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: place to look for OntheGo material, courses and workshops.
  • WALL: common and open space where users can propose and discuss ideas globally.
  • HALL OF FAME: to give recognition to key pieces of the community.

Global Labour Life and Accident Insurance

In April 2013, a Bangladeshi textile factory collapsed, causing 1,134 deaths and about 2,500 injuries.

From this date, the possibility of extending labour protection schemes in the factories began to be evaluated. In 2017, we started working on this project with a startup approach to automate the obtaining of data that supports a scheme demonstrated as feasible. We have developed:

  • Complete computer systems that allow real-time communication with textile factories.
  • A highly resilient technology proof of internet outages, power outages.
  • Data analysis models
In JAN23, 100k workers were already covered, and we estimate that by DEC23 there will be more than 1MM   

NEOM: T&D innovation HUBs to Sectors/ Regions & Virtual platform

In 2021 we participated in the foundation of T&D HUBs in Neom:

  • Continuous scouting of potential innovation partners and use cases 
  • Accelerating matching process between sectors and potential partners
  • Cross-industry partners to enable innovation

We developed an end-to-end virtual platform focused on excellence. The objective was to connect all hubs and use cases, with the possibility of filtering and contacting the responsible for each use case.

+ 20 strategic sectors mapped and analysed. + 3M Startups, Big Corps and Ecosystems Analysed

Idealab & Observatory to improve CX in silver economy sector

The silver economy or seniors segment is a growing market with huge digital challenges.

In this context, we carried out an observatory project for one of the largest international banking groups to improve digital customer experience of the elderly.

We analysed the situation in depth, conducted numerous interviews with experts and people affected, identified and presented up to 10 successful cases of CX improvement in elderly in order to act quickly and accurately.

We identify a list of 8 takeaways to improve the NPS of this segment in less than 3 weeks

360 Degrees growth for mexican fintech

Mexican fintech needed to reach a milestone and grow significantly faster, we helped through our rapid turbocharged growth approach:

  • Enhanced product and key selling propositions
  • Improved onboarding UX
  • Efficacy: understand where we are and connect hyper targeted audience with practical tactics
  • Speed: specialized data learning team + open centralized dashboard + agile procedures to involve stakeholders
  • Scale: SEO automation growth engine+ Partner Network Growth engine + Social conversion growth engine
  • Efficiency: LTV impact models and advanced attribution of marketing-channel tactics

2x growth in clients and volumes in less than 3 weeks, sustainable growth machine built.

Human-Machine Interface:  Diffusion, bots, centaurs & Communities

In 2015, we founded Crowd Centaurs to create a human-machine hybrid platform to stabilize jobs in some industries that are becoming automated. 

We have invested 12 Million € in the interfaces between Crowdsourcing Ecosystems and Machine learning empowered digital platforms.

In 2017, with PlayGround Media, we developed and launched Do Coalition, a network of content that automatically receives recommendations for actions that improve regions around the world.

+ 1,250 Mn social media fans+10,000 Mn Video-views


Foundation, development and growth of Tuio, a 100% digital insurance company that offers products and services adapted to current needs in a fast and economical way. It offers home insurance and insurance for tenants and landlords.

  • Sign up in 60 seconds. And you can unsubscribe in much less      
  • Manage your claims quickly and have solutions within 48 hours
  • You pay only for what you need, when you need it  
  • Once a year, if there are unused premiums left over, they are donated to NGOs of the customers' choice
More than 12,000 insurance policies sold in first year


Foundation, development and growth of Finutiv, one of the top online advisory for freelancers  and SMEs. Combining machine and human approach  to understand the business challenges quickly, providing support in the areas needed in the different business phases.

  • Integral service for your business (Tax, legal and labour services)
  • Proprietary  technologies combinations to optimize user experiences (ERP, OCR…)
  • Specialized in new business models (startups, ecommerce)  
  • Santander’s partner for new companies
+1.000 clients, fastest growing company in the sector

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