Innovation Calls

All you need to run innovation challenges

All-in-one and customizable platform to manage the entire process: launch, registration, evaluation and selection of the winning ideas

Startup Accelerators

Run startup competitions and find innovative solutions to key calls

Innovation Teams

Run innovation calls within your company to encourage intrapreneurship


Tap into your community to trigger ideas that have a real impact on your organization's mission.
Benefit from our 10 years of experience and more than 1000 innovation calls launched

Innovation calls in 3 headlines

Manage a process fully adapted to your current needs.

Whether internal or external, whether you expect 10 projects or 10 million projects here at Innovation Calls we have your back. Manage and track, create your reports, download all the information, visualize all your statistical data, etc.

Our solution

Go further with your challenge and meet your participation goals.

We can help you define a strategy based on your situation to manage and promote the calls to reach a larger and quality audience.

Innovation as a service

Since 2010, committed to innovation.

At Global Incubator we have been helping different organizations in the management of innovation calls for more than 10 years, managing more than 1k calls in more than 10 countries.

Who we are

Our Solutions

Our track record of more than 1k calls launched and managed gives us a huge know-how on how to manage successful Innovation Calls


A white label platform to host all your innovation calls

Whether internal or external, whether you expect 10 or 10M projects, our platform adapts to any challenge you may face.


A hierarchy system with 5 available roles

Invite the different actors in your ecosystem and assign them different roles and permissions to create a flow adapted to your innovation process.

Simple configuration

Set up the innovation process on your own

From scratch or by duplicating previous ones, configure for each of the calls its registration form, evaluation criteria, filters, VIP access, etc.


Functionalities to help you with the whole process

Configure dashboards according to your objectives and manage all the information from the platform.  Create specific reports or download it all to exploit the data.


Launch your innovation call in just 2 weeks

1. Tell us about your requirements

Contact us and we will offer you a small demo of the platform according to your requirements

2. Sign the agreement

Together we will prepare and sign the agreement based on your requirements

3. Creating your instance

We will only need your domain, to create a new instance of innovation calls for your project

4. Fine-tuning

We customize the tool with your corporate brand and the different configuration options according to your needs

5. Prepare and launch your innovation call

Together we will set up the launch of your first call

6. Schedule demos

Learn how to use the platform successfully in the management of your innovation process with one of our demos for administrators and evaluators

 Our track record of more than 1000 challenges launched and managed gives us a huge know-how on how to manage successful Innovation Calls.

We challenge you to request something we haven’t dealt with before.

Innovation Calls
Ad hoc develop
Forms tool
Functionalities and Customisation
Valuable functionalities for innovation processes validated after years of experience in the sector. White label platform (own colours, terminology, images, domain and No watermark).
Fully adapted to specific needs and completely customised to the client's image.
Functionalities limited to the creation of general forms, not covering the needs of innovation processes. Own colours, terminology and images.
Timing and Adaptability
The product is based on the general needs of the innovation calls. Quick and easy configuration.
Fully adapted to specific needs. Very high development and testing times. 
The product is based on the needs of general forms creation. Very fast. No configuration required.
Scalability and Reliability
Tested and used by other customers and easy to scale based on common needs.
Need testing, has not been tested with other clients. Scaled according to own needs. Requires more resources.
Tested and used by other customers and easy to scale based on common needs.
We have a dedicated team constantly enhancing the tool for all our clients
You need to pay for an IT team to give support every time something happens with the tool

You are in the hands of the tool owner
What you need!
More expensive, both in money and time, and you have to deal with IT
Cheaper but limited functionalities
Start Innovating
Our company

Global Incubator

Since 2010, we have designed, accelerated and managed +500 digital ecosystems for knowledge management and innovation.

Our years of experience in the sector have allowed us to learn and adapt best practices in more than 20 large national and international clients, adapting innovation flows to their characteristics and needs.

Global Incubator's clients

You're in good company


What people say about us

“The Innovation Calls product allows me a level of customisation and personalisation in each of my innovation processes that other solutions do not offer me.”

Head of Operations and Digital Projects. Accelerator/Incubator

“The response from the Global Incubator team to any request is very quick and resolute, allowing us to have an efficient workflow.”

Open Innovation Department - Strategy and Innovation Management

"I hear very little about them within the company, and I think that's the best thing that can happen, because it means we have a technology supplier that responds to our requirements and doesn't give us any problem."

Director of Strategy and Innovation

"The dynamic dashboard by call has helped me to save a lot of time in the process of monitoring and analysing my innovation challenges. What I used to have to do through an excel spreadsheet, I now have at a glance."

Innovation programme coordinator