Internship business design

Part Time
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At Global Incubator we are looking for people who are passionate about technology, "problem solvers" with a positive attitude and teamwork skills, to join our agile team.

You will have the opportunity to work on innovative and challenging projects and you will do so with an amazing team and the best experts in: Data Science, Machine Learning, Design, UX/UI, Growth Hacking, Mobile Dev. etc.

As a Business Design intern, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills and learn new things. You will be working on dynamic and innovative products and you will have a real impact on the history of our company.

Some of your responsibilities:
  • Collaborate proactively with product managers, UX designers, software engineers, etc.
  • Contribute to the daily operations of management of products, customers, teams, etc.
  • Business Development Consulting

Academic degree:

Bachelor's or Master's degree pending presentation of the TFG or 1-2 subjects.

  • Business development skills
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving skills and the ability to ‘troubleshoot’ issues
  • Initiative
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills, including the ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders